Aditya Mankare
Product DesignerBehavioral Scientist

I leverage design as a tool to simplify complex systems and tell persuasive stories

Horizon Worlds

Enabling Cross World Experiences in the Metaverse

Selected Projects
Selected Projects
Horizon Worlds
Enabling Cross World Experiences in the Metaverse
Project 2
Web Design
Project 3
Web Design
Hype Audio
Reimagining Podcast Discovery and Curation
Peloton Schedules
Encouraging Workout Routines and Consistency
Robinhood Messages
Smarter Notifications for Tracking Investments
Merck Expertise Finder
Connecting Employees to Subject-Matter Experts
Canon Sales Dashboards
Visualizing Actionable Sales Data

My experience

I have previously worked at various Fortune 500 companies like Meta, Merck, and Canon— spanning domains like data visualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and most recently augmented and virtual reality.

Product Design @ Meta
May 2022 Aug 2022
May 2022 — Aug 2022
Product Management @ Merck
May 2020 Aug 2020
May 2022 — Aug 2022
Business Intelligence @ Canon
May 2019 Aug 2019
May 2019 — Aug 2019
Aug 2017 — forever